Optimise your iBrochure for online reservations

18 October 2016

You know a growing number of travellers search and book their travel online. So link your reservations system to your iBrochure(s) and take full advantage…

Keep those Specials fresh, focused and plentiful

11 October 2016

If an Operator/DMC/Agent clicks here and tries to find a Special for their client’s itinerary, will they find your property there? Keep your stock of…

Spice up your presentations with a customised itinerary template

11 October 2016

Maybe you want to look different from your competitors. Maybe you want specific layouts to reflect booking status. Maybe you just want a layout that…

Operator Webinar – Enhance your Digital Itinerary with Template Customisation

6 October 2016 0

The Digital Itinerary has empowered Operators/DMCs/Agents worldwide to impress travellers and convert more enquiries to sales with its beautiful, interactive format. Wetu has now developed…

Quality check those product pics

4 October 2016

When was the last time you checked the quality of your images in Wetu? Don’t miss the mark with outdated, fuzzy images. Travellers want better…

Differentiate your offerings with unique client itineraries

4 October 2016

Feel the need to differentiate yourself in the way you present your offerings? Modern travellers want customised presentations of their desired experiences. Put your expertise…

Stand out from the crowd with customised presentations

27 September 2016

Your Digital Itineraries are visual and interactive – they showcase your experiences beautifully. Compete even better for your market share by customising your presentation to…

Your best business practices with Content in Wetu

27 September 2016

We salute you for your tireless efforts to bring the best you have on offer to clients and travellers the world over! And we applaud…

Get your Activities Content into the sale

20 September 2016

So you’ve got lovely pictures of your property in your iBrochure, but travellers want to know about the full experience you have to offer them….