Operator Webinar – Enhance your Digital Itinerary with Template Customisation

6 October 2016 0

The Digital Itinerary has empowered Operators/DMCs/Agents worldwide to impress travellers and convert more enquiries to sales with its beautiful, interactive format. Wetu has now developed…


Wetu presents new Template Customisation for Operators/DMCs/Agents

30 September 2016 0

Hundreds of global Operators/DMCs/Agents in Wetu have been enjoying the benefits of having the Digital Itinerary as a powerful marketing and sales tool. At the…


Operator Webinar: Revolutionising the way you use Specials

8 June 2016 0

In this webinar hosted for Tour Operators/DMCs/Agents, Wetu introduces our new Specials Portal. It’s a more streamlined, user-friendly system for accommodation suppliers to aggregate, manage…


Supplier Webinar: Revolutionising the way you manage your Specials

25 May 2016 0

Wetu has developed a new feature that will revolutionise the way Specials work in the Trade. This webinar details the past, present & future of…