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The Culture Chronicles

26 June 2020 0

What do you do when crisis comes knocking and forces your team to socially distance and work remotely? Team Wetu has always been shamelessly social….

The Lockdown Diaries

7 May 2020 0

Wetu joined the global Work From Home labour force in March 2020. Spread across the world with offices in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and…

Wetu’s next top iBrochure 2019 – the sequel

30 October 2019 0

Another bumper year for global tourism and the competition has been hot! Content with a purpose is our mission; so we’re keen to help you…

Team Wetu descends upon the trade show scene

8 October 2019 0

In a recent Twitter poll, we posed the question: Why do you go to travel trade shows? The options were: to distribute catalogues (of course…

Who won the ‘My Dream Trip’ competition?

15 September 2019 0

Drum roll please..🥁 The suspense is murderous, so let’s get straight to the happy part. Congratulations to Lucie Trottier from Namibian Essence Safaris!! To everyone…

An Update: what’s in a Wetu Integration for you?

12 September 2019 0

You can have the swankiest, fanciest, most awesome quoting/accounting software in the universe but if your itineraries look like this😖 and you’re dishing it up…

When Wetu turned 10

5 August 2019 0

This is the year that Wetu turned 10.🎉 We celebrate our growth and continuing success with our loyal clients, friends and partners in the trade…

Broadening young minds in partnership with FutureMe

2 July 2019 0

Wetu hosted a group of local learners on June 18th as part of their FutureMe Learning Journey. The learners were from Christel House High School…

Wetu wants to see YOU at the trade shows

25 April 2019

What’s your main objective when attending a trade show? Meet clients, strike deals, make new connections, nurture old partnerships.. For us it’s a bit of…