South Africans and visitors are breathing a huge sigh of relief after the South African government announced the lifting of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions.

For the travel and tourism industry, this means that we are now unrestricted and can return to normal, following more than two years of trying to survive the pandemic.

We join the travel and tourism industry in celebration, and as a global business with our head office in Cape Town, we are overjoyed that South African tourism can operate at its full potential again.

We welcome the lifting of all remaining Covid-19 restrictions, which signals an exciting new phase for the travel and tourism sector, as well as an opportunity to position South Africa on the world tourism stage once again. Following in the footsteps of many other countries, we are filled with optimism and renewed energy to build back better than ever before. – Paul de Waal, Wetu CEO

After so much suffering over these last two years and having to rebuild our businesses, removing these last restrictions is psychologically very significant. With the mask mandate, limits on gatherings, and border checks for Covid-19 vaccination being dropped, we can go ahead and freely plan events, conferences, group tours, activities, and social gatherings unencumbered. We can recoup lost opportunities and create new jobs for our sector.

We are confident that this uplifting news will boost traveller confidence and increase demand for destination South Africa, and Southern Africa. And we know that, like us, our partners can’t wait to welcome back visitors safely to our shores – and with open arms.

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