Content Distribution

Quick content links to follow up your trade show meetings

26 September 2017 0

Going to Magical Kenya? We are. Come say hello to Team Wetu at Stand T6 and tell us how digital distribution beats paper.šŸ”—Ā About the meetings…

Sharing content on e-mail signatures

19 September 2017 0

Each time you email a client or agent is a golden opportunity to share your content – to ensure that new trade partners know your…

Growing global collaborations for Suppliers in Wetu

28 July 2017 0

Any business worth its salt and good sense would celebrate growth and expansion. For us it means we get to do a better job of…

Content sharing simplified

25 July 2017 0

You don’t need to share your content in different formats from different distribution points! You simply need 1 source. It’s easier for you and everyone…

Embed your content bits consistently

18 July 2017 0

Multiply the value of your precious content by re-purposing parts of it where you need it. Content CentralĀ is the place to be seen and used…

5 Hacks to empower sales channels

26 June 2017 0

You are the master of your own success, but the travel trade works better when we work together. These 5 empowering hacks are simple to…

Share your content on social platforms

20 June 2017 0

Leverage the power of social media to build your brand awareness among your desired audience. All the juicy content you manage in Wetu can be…

6 Content Pains you need never suffer again

30 March 2017 0

Content may be king, yes,Ā but it can be a royal pain in the you-know-what to manage if you donā€™t have a good system to use….

4 Steps to becoming a DC Distribution Superhero

15 December 2016 0

Digital Catalogue: compilation of all your stellar sample itineraries in super-efficient format that’s as easy to access as child’s play. In these 4 simple steps…