Content Distribution

Keep track of shared info

20 August 2020 0

It’s important to stay on top of how your company and product info, rates and confidential docs are distributed among your trade partners across the…

Select, click and send product info fast

12 August 2020 0

Is it a pain getting important info out to your clients quickly? Maybe you may need to send a travel agent some new info on…

Supplier info sharing simplified

10 July 2020 0

Working in the new normal has brought into sharper focus our need to stay digitally connected with our trade partners. The WetuShare tool helps you…

WetuShare your private docs

8 July 2020 0

You can provide a vital service by sharing private documents directly with travel agents, DMCs and tour operators, and collaborate more efficiently with the trade…

Get all your supplier info with WetuShare

7 July 2020 0

Your Wetu suppliers on the Enhanced listing (iBrochures) have been given a brand new tool to improve the sharing of content and information between them…

WetuShare info with your trade partners

2 July 2020 0

Welcome to WetuShare!🥳 If you wanted a quick, safe and confidential way to share new or specially requested property info, docs, pics, videos and 360°…

Promote your content on Facebook

18 May 2020 0

Take an interactive iBrochure, fully-loaded with high-res product pics, videos of the experiences you offer, virtual tours of your premises, and add it to your…

Kindness is Key to a Plentiful 2020

3 January 2020 0

It takes less energy to be kind and there’s no better time for it than the start of a year that rhymes with ‘plenty’. After…

Shape Up for a Year of Plenty

2 January 2020 2

In the spirit of new beginnings and living better lives, let’s reflect on the assets we want in abundance and keep our eyes on the prize….