Here’s a helpful tip!

You may have some behind-the-scenes housekeeping details about your Covid-19 business compliance you only want to share with your trade partners, information that is different from what you’d share with your future guests. Unless the tour operators, travel agents and DMCs that sell your destination regularly check your iBrochure, they won’t know about the safety measures you’ve implemented (or plan to do). The solution is to WetuShare your Covid-19 notices privately, for their eyes only.👀

Put this valuable info into a document and add it under the Covid-19 Notice part of the Documentation section in your Update Form. Remember to mark it ‘Private’ and WetuShare it directly with selected trade partners. So add your info as a Covid-19 Notice. Then follow these guidelines to share it privately. Everyone wins when you make important and accurate safety info available to the people who sell your product(s).💰

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