Content Management

Helping trade partners sell your products better

25 February 2020 0

Not all your content is for travellers – there’s loads of info operators, DMCs and agents need to sell your products better. They have a…

Manage your content & rule

28 January 2020 0

You’ve done well to load your content and work towards a 100% rating. Now check what it looks like from the user point of view….

Content lessons to teach your trade partners

7 January 2020 0

As an act of kindness, you can eliminate the pains of content research by making yours super easy to find. Bonus benefit: you keep control…

Perfecting the pics that sell your products

17 December 2019 0

A new year needs a new look at your content. Commit yourself to better engagement with your precious product content! Renewal means applying some spit…

Release Notes

20 November 2019 0

Let’s get organised in here! We’ve conjured up two new features in one release just for you. Consider it an early gift from Santa, with…

Wetu’s next top iBrochure 2019 – the sequel

30 October 2019 0

Another bumper year for global tourism and the competition has been hot! Content with a purpose is our mission; so we’re keen to help you…

An Update: what’s in a Wetu Integration for you?

12 September 2019 0

You can have the swankiest, fanciest, most awesome quoting/accounting software in the universe but if your itineraries look like this😖 and you’re dishing it up…

Store and share preferred accommodation info for efficiency

3 September 2019 0

You want the information garnered from years of trade experience, product training, site inspections and educationals, to serve your entire team, not just an expert…

Display detail that makes your mobile accommodation unique

3 September 2019 0

Mobile safaris and train travel are among the new styles of travel favoured by travellers seeking niche experiences in familiar destinations. Detailed info on specialised…