The best startup strategy for your business is a high-impact, labour- and cost-effective solution.

Setting up a new travel business (or restarting) is challenging, especially with limited resources. Get off to a smart start with lots of help from Wetu, and put your brand on the map.


Trade essentials

A clean slate is an opportunity to implement a scalable solution with efficient processes. We’ve simplified the trade essentials of compelling travel content and global reach to help you:

  • manage content that sells
  • quickly create collateral
  • effectively market B2B and B2C


Setup for success

With your basic business functions covered, you’re free to focus on the fun parts, namely: crafting tour products and sharing your expertise.

1. Source free global content

Forget about compiling travel content from scratch – Wetu curates abundant, in-depth destination and product content, so you don’t have to.

  • Content Central is a database of digital brochures where you can access content from preferred suppliers or find new products in your destinations.
  • The Itinerary Builder offers a selection of accommodation, restaurant, venue, site and attraction, services, activity, and day tour content.
  • Digital content includes high-resolution photos, videos, and virtual tours.

2. Build branded collateral fast

Don’t slave endlessly over new proposals for prospective clients or agents!

3. Reach globally with minimal effort

Why jump through hoops to distribute when you can send your content worldwide from one platform?

  • Email client itineraries straight from the Itinerary Builder.
  • Copy and past your itinerary URLs onto social media and in newsletters.
  • Embed itineraries and product content onto websites and blogs.
  • Share more of your collateral faster on one link – watch this:


Register for your free trial and get the best travel tech starter kit money can buy!

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