Showcase what’s so Special about your city

17 April 2018 0

If you’re based in an urban area, there’s a lot you can incorporate into your basic offering to make your product(s) more attractive to visitors….

Tell travellers the full story behind your brand

10 April 2018 0

Content Marketing is showing the world you’re a rock star.💃🏾 Travellers want a comprehensive view of your products, values and personality behind the brand. After viewing…

Power up your hyperlinks

27 March 2018 0

What beats handing over clunky flash drives in person? The same thing that beats time-wasting copying, pasting and reformatting product pics to be emailed..😩 Manual…

Your iBrochure is better than a paper brochure

20 March 2018 0

An iBrochure will always be better than a paper brochure because it saves you time and money. Get your content updates to clients and re-sellers…

Content Distribution 101

13 March 2018 0

Content is King, but Distribution wears the pants. It’s an obvious but easily missed detail that you need to let the world know that your…

More room options add variety of choice

27 February 2018 0

Did you know that room images are increasing in popularity on Internet searches? Feed the need for more info and variety of choice by fleshing…

Get interactive with your content

20 February 2018 0

People love to click! Give them links, tabs, arrows and images to click on for deeper info on topics that interests them – it will keep…

Present a virtual experience with your content mix

21 November 2017 0

You want your brand to stand out above the rest when operators are looking for relevant products in your area to include in their client…

Rearranging imagery to tell the right story

24 October 2017 0

Your products are versatile and your target markets diverse. Use your imagery selectively to speak to them all. Rearrange the order of your images in…