How do you entice travellers and keep them from shopping around? Offer them targeted options to compare and choose from.

The more options you can provide as quickly as possible, the longer they will engage with your brand, the closer you will get to converting their interest to enquiry.

In the planning and booking stages, travellers are looking for ideas that suit their pocket and specific needs. If they find a tour they like and it’s available in their own language, that makes the decision to do business with you even easier.

So, where do you start? With a fabulous tour itinerary, copy and tweak it to differentiate, add alternative product options, and present everything conveniently in a digital catalogue for an attractive, informative browsing experience.

Multiple quotes with minimal work

You can create multiple copies of an original itinerary with our Itinerary Builder. Some people might want to know about possible luxury upgrades; others might want to compare the cost of a tour with different activities included or on different departure dates. Cover all bases, so that your potential customer doesn’t lose interest and move on.

Here’s how to increase your output without breaking a sweat:

Step 1: Use the Wetu Itinerary Builder to create a fabulous itinerary.

Step 2: Copy your itinerary and make a few adjustments:

  • Offer the same tour with different accommodation and/or activity options on separate itinerary copies.
  • Offer the same tour for different budgets by upgrading or downgrading the products and services.
  • Offer the same tour in reverse.
  • Offer tours that interest the customer in their preferred language by doing a machine translation on the itinerary framework.

Step 3: Create a personalised catalogue with the different versions of an itinerary, arranged by budget, star grading, or however you can logically differentiate them. You can present comparative offerings together and compile them in an extensive catalogue that will keep the viewer engaged for longer. Add relevant restaurant and activity brochures for more information on what’s available in-destination.

Step 4: Send the entire range of options to your potential customer on a single link, which they can conveniently access and view.

Bonus step: Market your offerings on your website or blog – here’s what it could look like:

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