Frustrated by outdated distribution methods that waste your time and consume your energy?

You could be focusing more on the business of selling.

Start by simplifying how you get your marketing assets where they must go: into the hands of trade partners who need your assets to help sell their tours; and in front of potential customers searching online for travel ideas.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • sharing specific or new product information
  • updating assets across different sales channels and platforms
  • repeatedly emailing images and files in response to content requests
  • using different distribution tools and different storage formats
  • printing new paper brochures after each product update
  • getting old, outdated assets out of circulation

Then read on for some actionable solutions.


Wetu tools make light work

Get full benefit from your listing, and free yourself to choose how and where to focus your efforts. Here’s how your assets can work independently – for you:

1. Make sure your trade partners, including non-Wetu users, know that your product is listed in Wetu with your most up-to-date marketing assets and product information. So, if they need anything, they can go directly there to find it.

2. Use WetuShare to inform trade partners about any changes to your product offering. You can share visuals, information in their preferred language, as well as company documents you deem vital to the sale. It’s an easy way to pick and choose what’s relevant to send.

3. Link your assets to digital campaigns including newsletters, staff email signatures, WhatsApp messages, landing pages; and hyperlink your iBrochure URL in the body copy of marketing mailers. Recipients can quickly access all your assets at any time by clicking that link.

4. Feature individual iBrochure tabs by sharing the relevant URL on social media posts. For example, if you want to promote a new activity, direct traffic to the Enjoy tab. This helps you to be more targeted with very little effort, sharing only specific information.

5. Embed the same fabulous visual assets and product information you uploaded to your Wetu profile onto your website – if you update anything, those changes reflect automatically and represent your brand consistently. Watch this:


Now that you know how, log in to your Dashboard and take action to simplify your distribution, so that you can focus on selling.

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