Are you keen to target other language-speaking markets but don’t know where to start?

Access and service a bigger client base by translating your product information into multiple languages. You already have great assets in your default language (English in Wetu) – with a bit more love and linguistic savvy, you can transform your iBrochure into a versatile, multilingual marketing and sales asset.

Translate your assets into new sales

  • Source a reliable service or staff member to produce translations to add to your Update form – depending on your intended target markets, you can choose from 11 global languages supported in Wetu. We provide translations for your Facilities, Fast Facts and the iBrochure framework.
  • Translate the iBrochure (Overview) description; labels and descriptions for photos, videos, virtual tours; names and descriptions of room/unit/villa types, activities and restaurants; your rates and rates seasons.
  • Add directions in different languages for clients doing self-drive trips.
  • Add languages spoken by your staff under Fast Facts in your Update form, and upload company documents in your target languages.
  • Create a digital catalogue in your target customer’s language using translated iBrochures.
  • Choose the language to display your iBrochure from the drop-down language menu at the top of the Overview page – send this to your client or copy and paste the iFrame code to embed the translated version on your blog or website.

Empower your trade partners

Tour operators, DMCs and travel agents targeting different language markets will love the easy access and ability to quickly incorporate your assets in multiple languages into their sales and marketing campaigns.

  • When they build itineraries in Wetu in different languages and include your product, only your corresponding translation will display in their outputs.
  • When you want to update them on anything new, WetuShare an information document in their language directly by email.
  • When they want to create inspiration boards in different languages, your translated iBrochure will save them the effort (and time) of doing their own translations, or from searching for other suitable products.

Market to multiple markets

Ready to establish your brand and grow your presence in new markets? Log in and start now.

Here’s how to target multilingual markets simultaneously: Host your English iBrochure on your website; trade partners selling to Spanish markets can use your assets to enhance their itineraries; and you can showcase your destination in a targeted Portuguese blog article or marketing mailer.

*iBrochure courtesy of 1828 Smart Hotel

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