Keen to dive boldly into new markets with a fresh new proposition but don’t know where to start?

Start with centralised access to a range of products and ready-for-market digital assets – it will save you time and effort. You can source what you need for your marketing campaigns and let it work for you, so that your energy is focused on the business of selling.


Three hurdles in one jump

Changing up your proposition needn’t be daunting, costly or time-consuming. We can help you:

  1. identify suitable new accommodation, restaurants, attractions and activities;
  2. source marketing assets that showcase your new products optimally; and,
  3. transform all the parts into cohesive, attractive tour proposals – fast.


Set yourself up fast

Wetu’s Content Central is a free resource of travel products and digital assets, curated and stored for your convenience. 

  • Depending on the destination you wish to sell, select a region from which to source suitable products. You can filter your search by property name, destination or country. 
  • Click the Preview link for an overview of the assets that will display if you use this property in an itinerary. 
  • Click the Image Library link to view and download visuals you can repurpose for marketing campaigns. 
  • Click the iBrochure view link to access the full digital brochure for a property – you can share this link as a standalone asset to support your destination marketing efforts. 
  • Click the Embed link to access the content widget code for a property – you can embed the listed assets for that property directly onto your website. 
  • Click to view and use the Directions to/from a property provided by the product supplier. 
  • Click to access company Documents uploaded by the product supplier. 
  • Click to access and incorporate Specials uploaded by the supplier.


Take the next steps

If you like what you see, you’re going to love what you can do! 

Step 1: See for yourself what kind of digital assets you can create.

Step 2: Build a digital itinerary in double-quick time.

Step 3: Register for a free trial and explore the possibilities.

Step 4: Personalise your proposals with your company details – watch this:


Take a bold leap with our one-stop solution – we look forward to partnering with you.

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