sky divers

Set yourself up to target new markets fast

18 May 2022 1

Keen to dive boldly into new markets with a fresh new proposition but don’t know where to start? Start with centralised access to a range…

Sell those special events in your destination

31 July 2018 0

Did you know that Specials have their own special spot on your iBrochure? Any member of the travelling public who finds your iBrochure – on…

Boost your sales with some Solo Specials

19 June 2018 0

Operators and Travel Agents may be looking for something valuable to add to their solo client proposals – that’s another huge trend gaining momentum..📈 If…

Showcase what’s so Special about your city

17 April 2018 0

If you’re based in an urban area, consider what you can incorporate into your basic offering to make your product more attractive to visitors.🚴 Become a…

Content Distribution 101

13 March 2018 0

Content is King, but Distribution wears the pants. Inform everyone from sales to marketing, operators to agents, international reps attending sales meetings and trade shows, that…

Start the new year with targeted content

16 January 2018 0

Identify the traveller types you wish to attract and focus your content accordingly.🎣 Add Specials for families, solo travellers, last-minute booking millennials, as well as…

Add a bit of Adventure to your Specials

10 October 2017 0

You’ve identified some Adventure activities in your region. In order to benefit from this growing trend, incorporate some adventure into your offering with a Special.🚣🏻Adventure…

Add more value to your Specials for the trade

29 August 2017 0

Your Specials are versatile in Wetu.🎨You can make them visible to the public, to tour operators or to everyone. Maybe you want to be strategic and…

Manage your specials & score

2 May 2017 0

Managing your content means keeping an eye on your published Specials too.Visit your Specials home page from your Dashboard and preview your specials to see…

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