How do you encourage trade partners to use your product rather than others for their client proposals?

Make your product more attractive to them – both in the way it will look in their tour itineraries and in the way it’s easier to incorporate in a sale. You’re best equipped to teach them how to sell you best; so, provide seamless access to detailed, comprehensive information on what’s available through your Wetu listing.

Seamless access to info

Put it right there where tour operators, DMCs and travel agents are busy building client itineraries in their Wetu Itinerary Builder tool:

  • Provide a full breakdown of your room and unit types and how many of each is available at your property. This makes it easier to do room allocations for families or groups.
  • Host a live availability option with online booking portals (available via software integrations with Wetu), so that your trade partner can check what rooms are available for their clients’ travel dates – this can also indicate the available inventory per room type.
  • List all available activities, both on-site and near your location.
  • Create and upload virtual tours of your premises, rooms and facilities to provide a close-up view without your trade partners having to visit in person, a bit like a remote site inspection.
  • Translate your product descriptions, so that your product can be included in multilingual itineraries and promoted to a bigger target market. By providing the translations, you save your trade partner from having to take the extra time to do it themselves and prevent them from searching for products that already have assets available in the languages they need.
  • Add directions to your property from all airports in the vicinity, as well as from your property to as many noteworthy points of interest in your destination as possible. This is a tremendous help to your trade partners as they plan self-drive trips for their clients. Watch this:

Log in to your Dashboard and ensure your product’s the one that makes the most seamless sales experience.

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