Wetu – a platform that allows you to easily get your best marketing and sales collateral directly to those who need it to promote and sell you.

Owning beautiful, engaging marketing and sales collateral is essential in today’s competitive digital marketplace. Keeping these marketing and sales assets up to date, easily accessible and efficiently distributed to the trade is where challenges often arise.

Wetu offers a central place for suppliers to organise and store their marketing and sales collateral, so that they can distribute or provide their internal teams and trade partners with access to the content they need with ease.

Wetu’s value add:

  • All marketing and sales collateral in one place: Keeping your latest marketing and sales collateral in Wetu means that they are readily available to your internal teams and trade partners, 24/7.
  • Quantity and quality: With Wetu, you have the ability to store and organise large amounts of content for both internal and trade partner use.
  • Simplicity and savings: Having visual, product and trade information in one place, and accessible and connected to the trade, removes the requirement to maintain multiple storage and distribution solutions that may be both costly and inefficient.
  • Easy shareability: Wetu lets you easily include a link to your marketing and sales collateral in any correspondence that you send out (Newsletters, blogs, emails & email signatures, web, proposals).
  • Wetu is a connected network: All Wetu clients in the network can seamlessly share and include collateral from their trade partners into proposals because of the Wetu content standardisation. The Wetu content solution, distribution solution and publishing solution work together. Collateral access and proposal turnaround time are improved.

A proud example of where Wetu supports a supplier in their marketing efforts:

Ellerman House is a luxury, boutique hotel situated in Cape Town at the foot of Lion’s Head and with breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Positioned at the top end of the premium market and priding themselves in providing a personalised service experience for their guests, Ellerman House appeals to the most discerning traveller. Differentiation and the distribution of correct information is key in this segment and as a result, Ellerman House constantly invests in marketing and sales collateral that will allow them to best represent their unique offering.

Having chosen to fully embrace Wetu’s technology, they are able to house all their marketing and sales collateral, curated images and videos, room descriptions, rates and promotional details in one single place. This allows them to keep their collateral up to date and ready to distribute to the trade.

Ellerman House recognises the importance of the trade and that enabling them with the correct tools to sell, is key to the hotel’s success. Using a Wetu link to give trade partners live access to the content they need reduces turnaround time and increases confidence that the collateral being used to go to market is always correct.The Ellerman House internal team also get instant access to the most up-to-date material.

It’s costly to constantly invest in marketing and sales collateral, but Ellerman House is using Wetu to amplify their ability to make use of their collateral and get their proposition to as many of the right people as possible in a simple, efficient, effective way – leveraging their investment for the best returns.

For further inspiration, visit the Ellerman House website and view their iBrochure.

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