COVID-19 Notice

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Recharge your batteries

25 March 2022 1

Your staff is the engine of your company. You need to re-fuel and tighten the loose screws, so when the light goes green, you’re all…

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How to convert interested travellers into future guests

24 January 2022 0

What helps visitors to your site take booking action? A seamless, end-to-end customer journey! Online shopping and surfing have become the norm – it’s an…

Covid-19 docs for your day tours

26 January 2021 0

Here’s a helpful tip! Provide your clients with access to any Covid-19 safety documents your service providers have added to their content, on your Day…

WetuShare your private Covid-19 notices

16 November 2020 0

Here’s a helpful tip! You may have some behind-the-scenes housekeeping details about your Covid-19 business compliance you only want to share with your trade partners,…

What’s Cooking at Wetu

23 October 2020 7

Work, development and all things tech have been relentless over the last few months, but that’s not all… There have also been some remote shenanigans…

Show your business is Covid-19 ready

21 October 2020 0

Here’s a helpful tip! Implementing Covid-19 guidelines and precautions for your property, restaurant or activity is the first step – spreading the word to travellers…

Provide Covid-19 notices on your itineraries

7 October 2020 0

Here’s a helpful tip! You can keep future clients updated on accurate Covid-19 safety info directly from your suppliers whose products are included in your…

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