What helps visitors to your site take booking action? A seamless, end-to-end customer journey!

Online shopping and surfing have become the norm – it’s an opportunity for you: to convert more independent travellers into customers. They’re already searching on their mobile devices for places to stay and eat, things to see and do, and want control over their travel plans.

You control what they see when they find your brand, and what they do next.


Avoiding drop-off

The key to keeping them from seeking alternatives elsewhere lies with your Wetu listing. All they need is within reach:

  • access to your product on your iBrochure and/or website
  • mobile-responsive content to view on their smart device
  • your company and booking info available on one site


Convert interest to action

 From brand discovery, through decision-making to action, these four steps take you closer:

1. Tell a persuasive story of your offering – with photos, videos, virtual tours and descriptions, including:

 2. Create a user-friendly, online booking experience that connects visitors with you once they make a decision. Using your iBrochure CTA:

  • visitors can complete and email you a default enquiry form linked to the ‘Enquire’ button.
  • link your company booking portal to provide a direct ‘Book Now’ option.
  • upload the URL of a live booking site with availability check.

 3. Give them convenient access to your physical location just a click away:

 4. Provide comprehensive information and documentation they can download from your iBrochure, that can potentially seal the deal:

  • FAQs
  • menus
  • Ts & Cs
  • COVID-19 protocols

Start creating that end-to-end online customer experience: login to your Dashboard and contact suppliers@wetu.com for help.

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