Here’s a helpful tip!

A future guest views your iBrochure and finds the accommodation they want for their next trip. You stand a better chance of converting their interest to a sale by providing them with a link to your reservations booking page, directly from the iBrochure. That way they can go from accessing your content to getting inspired to confirming their booking in one, smooth process.

From your Dashboard, go to the Update Form, and open the Contact Details page under General Information. In the Reservation/Bookings section, there’s a text box labelled Direct Link to Online Reservation. Insert your booking page URL link, and save. Anyone who accesses the Book Now option on your iBrochure now, will be re-directed to that booking page. The info that displays there depends on the booking system you use. Wetu currently partners with ResRequest and NightsBridge for live availability and booking – click the red Book Now button on this iBrochure to see an example.

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