Here’s a helpful tip!

You can keep future clients updated on accurate Covid-19 safety info directly from your suppliers whose products are included in your travel proposals. The Covid-19 Notice feature enables you to display their safety protocols in the Documents section of your itineraries. Add available docs in your Itinerary Builder and make them accessible for download on digital, virtual or mobile outputs, for your clients to view and print.

In the Itinerary Builder, a Covid-19 symbol will appear beside properties, activities, restaurants and places of interest where the suppliers have uploaded Covid-19 docs.

Add the properties you want in the Accommodation Step. Add activities and services in the Daily Information Step. As for outputs, a Covid-19 Notice banner at the top of the itinerary will notify clients that there are docs attached – on the Accommodation Page of a Digital Itinerary wherever the Covid-19 symbol displays beside a property, and in a designated section on the Daily Information Page; and under Fast Facts on a Virtual Itinerary wherever the Covid-19 symbol appears beside a property, activity or service. Easy, user-friendly and relevant to the times we live (and travel) in.

Check out this doc or contact if you need help.😷

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