Here’s a helpful tip!

Implementing Covid-19 guidelines and precautions for your property, restaurant or activity is the first step – spreading the word to travellers (and your agents) that you’re ready to welcome them back is the next important step. Your digital distribution tools available on the Enhanced listing will help you get the job done. Make the information visible and accessible to future clients to download and view from your iBrochure and Digital Catalogue.🧼

Once you’ve uploaded and saved the docs on your Update Form, a red Covid-19 Notice banner will appear at the top of your iBrochure Overview page, indicating that there are documents available for download specifically addressing the safety precautions you’ve implemented. A ‘Learn More’ hyperlink on the banner will direct viewers to the Documents section of your iBrochure. They can also navigate to your Covid-19 notices from the iBrochure About Us section. Covid-19 notices on iBrochures added to a Digital Catalogue will also be visible and available for download. This help doc tells you more. So, spread the word by sharing your iBrochure and/or Digital Catalogue links far and wide, on your newsletters, social media platforms and email signatures, with your Covid-19 readiness on full display.

Contact if you need help. 👤…👤

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