Work, development and all things tech have been relentless over the last few months, but that’s not all…

There have also been some remote shenanigans of a culinary flavour keeping the Wetu juices flowing, and help keep us sane. In an effort to bring Team Wetu together across the expanse of physical distance and separation, an idea was born: WetuChef, the most competitive culinary tournament ever seen in the history of the WFH COVID-19 era!

Wetu gets a Braai Master

A South African traditional braai by any other name would smell as good, as a barbeque, barbie, or asado, wherever in the world it is cooked.

Team Wetu took their places as judges and cheerleaders to watch our contestants put their reputations on the grill and battle it out for the title. All done remotely, within a space of 1 hour. Recipes, skills and presentation were judged in lieu of tasting. But we heard some mouthwatering sizzling, and plenty of macho banter throughout.


The semi-finals produced more photo-ready feasts with Paul and Tiaan winning through to the final round. Each was joined by a mystery Team Wetu guest to taste and take pics as the incumbents locked horns around their respective fires.

For the Braai Master Final, Paul dished up some seafood, spiced up with fresh herbs and secret peri peri sauce. Tiaan kept his cool with a Moroccan rubbed spinach and feta stuffed chicken, deboned on-the-spot, paired with Sauvignon Blanc. He paired his dessert with milk stout to complete the menu, and clinched the Wetu Braai Master title. Congratulations, TT!

An hour certainly does go by quickly when the pressure is on! This experience has taught me to keep pushing, even when you think you aren’t going to make it. Oh & also that you can never have enough coals!

Sales Manager, Tiaan Theron

Braai Master Final: Paul vs Tiaan


The spread that won over the judges

WetuChef Season 2 is following hot on its heels, and this time, the bakers will take centre stage.

Our grills aren’t the only things sizzling

Team Wetu certainly hasn’t downed tools during down time. Among other things, here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • We launched a couple of new features – have you heard of the COVID-19 Notice and WetuShare?
  • We’re in the process of updating our website – watch this space for details.
  • We’ve just launched a programme of Spanish language Operators webinars. ¿Te intriga? Haga click aquí si queres unirte a nuestro próximo seminario web de capacitaciones para Operadores.
  • Our Supplier Success Team has been hard at work creating tutorial videos to help our Spanish-speaking Suppliers. Si administras o comercializas un resort, hotel, restaurante o actividad, hace click aquí para ver nuestros videos tutoriales.
  • Our Onboarding Team continues to look after the needs of Portuguese-speaking Operator clients with a selection of tutorial videos available in their language too.
  • We’ve hosted the first in a series of Integrations webinars with more to follow in time to come.
  • We continue to conduct general training webinars for our Operator clients – click here for details.
  • We’ve taken the first steps towards a potential systems integration with Passolution for our Operator clients who want up-to-date info on the COVID-19 situation in the destinations they sell. Here’s more info.

Based on some of the feedback we’ve had, you, our clients have also been trying to remain productive. We love the kind words of validation that have come our way, like this one, which sums up exactly why we do what we do.💚

…I did a training session with Wynand yesterday & it was an eye-opener. So much more we can do with Wetu! If nothing else, we will come out of this smarter & better prepared for 2021!

Fish Eagle Safaris

Remembering the importance of expressing gratitude, our UX and Product, Content and Destinations Teams deserve a special shout out, passed along from a new client, Your Safari, who were blown away by the speed and efficiency of the service they’ve received – well done, guys!

In Other News

Our #donut-be-a-stranger culture initiative has been ticking along cosily, with more dates shared and connections made to banish the worst part of working apart.

Tiaan & Andrew debut the Donut

Anna & Megan take a Donut selfie

Paul & Peter touching base over #donutsforbreakfast

Nafiza & Christine share a virtual coffee with their Donut

Julie & Ray laugh & giggle right through their Donut

We hope you’re persevering, staying positive and keeping busy. Remember: it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. Allow yourself the space to think about what motivates and energises you. We brainstormed our own and compiled a word-cloud, and leave it here to share with you… Take note of yours too, take time to do them, and take it easy.

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