Welcome to WetuShare!🥳 If you wanted a quick, safe and confidential way to share new or specially requested property info, docs, pics, videos and 360° virtual tours with your trade partners, then this is the tool you’ve been waiting for. All you need is an Enhanced listing on Wetu to enable this feature:

  • Control visibility of your documents – upload and set to private in the Update Form.
  • Machine Translations enabled to share information documents in specific languages.
  • Email selected content directly from your Wetu Dashboard.
  • Recipients can download images en masse with one click.
  • Get detailed reports on the info sent, when and by whom, and how often it was downloaded.

This doc takes you through it step-by-step. Here’s a video of the product webinar we hosted, recorded for your convenience. Share your thoughts! We’d love to hear how you like this new sharing-and-caring tool!💞

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