What’s Cooking at Wetu

23 October 2020 7

Work, development and all things tech have been relentless over the last few months, but that’s not all… There have also been some remote shenanigans…

WetuShare info with your trade partners

2 July 2020 0

Welcome to WetuShare!🥳 If you wanted a quick, safe and confidential way to share new or specially requested property info, docs, pics, videos and 360°…

Only show the Room Types you love

12 May 2020 0

To hide or not to hide: that is the Room Type. When you have special arrangements with your preferred accommodation suppliers to sell certain room…

Release Notes

24 April 2020 0

While we’re all working from home, it helps to celebrate some quick wins and share the fruits of our lockdown productivity.👩🏻‍🌾Our Product & Tech Team…

In the Eye of the Storm

6 April 2020 0

Most of us work in travel because we love this industry.  Whether we are in hospitality, tourism or transportation, we share a passion for destinations…

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