When we say we’re in this together, it means we’ll continue to seek out solutions to help get your business up and running post COVID-19. We’d like to support you with the tools to provide a superior service to your customers: help them feel secure and well-informed to make decisions about travelling safely. We’re excited to introduce a potential new partnership between Wetu and Passolution.

What is Passolution?

Passolution has a central database with travel information including passport, visa and vaccination regulations for over 198 nationalities, and the latest COVID-19 updates across the globe. It offers access to all official updates on COVID-19 test and quarantine requirements, mask-wearing, local curfews and tracing apps, as well as listing countries with current travel restrictions in place. You can view which borders have opened or closed, where conditions have improved or worsened, and where restrictions have been lifted or extended. This database is updated live as requirements change.

What’s in it for you

Planning travel in the new normal must factor in regulations implemented by the various destinations, but it’s not easy to stay current with ever-changing COVID-19 entry and exit rules and regulations. Having the latest information in one easy-to-access location is bound to be a huge convenience and time-saving tool that will add great value to your client offering. No more checking external sources and websites that may or may not have the latest updates! And there’s more: Can you imagine having country entry requirements for all nationalities at your fingertips? You could provide your clients with all this essential travel information, make life easier for them and keep them coming back to you for future travel.

Hold the phone…this is not an integration! Not yet. But we would love you to give it a try and see how it could work for you. We think the potential business benefits for you are awesome; and if you agree, we’d like your feedback to look into a potential Wetu-Passolution systems integration.

What to do next

In collaboration with Passolution, we invite you as a valued Wetu user to enjoy this free trial. If you haven’t already seen it, check out your Wetu Dashboard to view a sample of what you can expect to see on the Passolution platform. When you’re ready for a test drive, simply email Dennis, our Passolution partner, on dennis.zimon@passolution.eu for login details. Next step: explore!

Got questions? Contact enterprise@wetu.com for answers.

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