Want to make your product more attractive to new business prospects?

Many other brands in your destination are competing for the same business – it’s good to know there are ways to get your products standing out from the rest. Tour operators, DMCs and travel agents may choose new property, activity or restaurant based purely on its product content. Plenty of travellers prefer to book directly with their suppliers. And then there’s the issue of trust.

This blog will share how optimising your Wetu tools can help set you apart from, and ahead of, the rest in a few easy steps.

How to get picked

Consistent, top-rate content tees them up; easier access seals the deal! Here’s where you start:

  • Push your content rating to the max

Many operators are now looking for new products to sell. Your trade partners in Wetu prefer high-quality content for their itineraries. Beautiful content sells more travel! You can vastly improve the chances of their choosing your products over your competitors’ by offering superior, better-looking content.

  • Display your product content consistently

People want to be sure of what they’re getting. The trick is to represent your products the same way everywhere. You can use the embed widget to distribute the same content to blog- and websites, and earn their trust.

  • Increase direct bookings

Travellers want to be able to book the product they like once they’ve seen it. You can make it even easier for them if you use a live booking portal to check availability. Skip the OTAs and give future guests direct access to you! This video shows how easily you can personalise your iBrochure CTA.

We’re happy to help you put your best foot forward. Please contact suppliers@wetu.com if you get stuck.

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