Content Distribution

Shape Up for a Year of Plenty

2 January 2020 2

In the spirit of new beginnings and living better lives, let’s reflect on the assets we want in abundance and keep our eyes on the prize….

This year’s Top 5 Wins for Travellers

1 December 2019 0

At the end of a bustling year, join us in celebrating the new travel culture of content as a service – ’tis the season to…

Better Prospects for your Content

2 November 2019 0

The foundation of your brand story is in place. Now, take it further with more exposure for your content, and boost your business prospects! Yes, good-looking…

Wetu’s next top iBrochure 2019 – the sequel

30 October 2019 0

Another bumper year for global tourism and the competition has been hot! Content with a purpose is our mission; so we’re keen to help you…

An Update: what’s in a Wetu Integration for you?

12 September 2019 0

You can have the swankiest, fanciest, most awesome quoting/accounting software in the universe but if your itineraries look like this😖 and you’re dishing it up…

Why some content performs better than others

2 September 2019 0

The reason some content performs better than others is complex, but technology simplifies it for you. A little bit can go a long way, but…

TOP 10 tips for an easier life at work

2 August 2019 0

What’s our favourite battle cry: work smarter, not harder? Double work, long hours, repetitive, laborious tasks, feeling like you’re just not getting around to everything,…

Content sharing simplified

16 July 2019 0

There’s no need to share your content in different formats from different distribution points! You simply need 1 source. It’s easier for you and everyone…

Best practice Content Distribution hacks

16 April 2019

It’s no good having awesome content if it doesn’t get around!💫 Tick off your optimal distribution checklist: Inform everyone in your sales/marketing teams that your…