Here’s a helpful tip!

Do you want to connect or re-connect with trade partners to collaborate on new products and target new markets? Whether you direct message (DM) new contacts on LinkedIn or approach Wetu contacts directly, content is your currency of connection with which to DM collaborate on joint marketing and create new products or partnerships.

  • When you DM contacts on LinkedIn, keep the text short – share something of value and wow them with gorgeous imagery galleries instead. Include a Digital Itinerary link to show new Supplier contacts how you plan to promote their product(s) using their content. Or share a branded itinerary with content in their target market language to show new Agent contacts the potential for new partnerships.
  • If your contact is a Wetu user, post your itineraries from your account to theirs. Select an itinerary to share in your Itinerary Builder Browser page. All you need to post it, is your contact’s email address. Once received, they can use and edit it in their own Wetu account. Here’s how it works.

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