Here’s a helpful tip!

As travel starts returning to some sectors, so the demand will grow for documented evidence of Covid-19 safety protocols in place at properties, activities and restaurants. You can help provide future clients with the info they want to see in their tour itineraries or when considering your products. Reassure them that you’ve implemented precautionary measures and help them make better informed choices by adding a Covid-19 Notice to your Wetu content.🦺

Start by preparing your business compliance docs in the language(s) of your target markets. Go to your Update Form and locate the Documents tab. Select the docs from your computer, upload them under the Covid-19 Notice section, and save. Here’s how simple it is. Your product(s) will now bear a tag notifying Operators in Wetu that you have docs uploaded for that purpose. This applies to both Basic and Enhanced listings. Operators, DMCs and Agents using the system to build itineraries can view and download the docs, as well as include and display them in their proposals. Travellers will then be able to download your Notice docs from their itineraries, and view them.

Sound good? Ask if you need more help.😷

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