Here’s a helpful tip!

This is a good time to connect or re-connect with new or existing Tour Operators or Travel Agents to re-market your products. Whether you direct message (DM) contacts on LinkedIn or approach new Wetu contacts directly, offer them the option of branded or unbranded sales collateral to make life easier for them and support their marketing efforts. Show them what their own branding looks like on your iBrochure or omit all branding from it, whichever best helps them to build new products or target new markets.

Start by adding your new contacts as Identities in Admin, like this. Locate the Re-branding drop down menu at the bottom of your iBrochure landing page. Select an identity from the menu to display your new contact’s logo on your iBrochure. Or select the Unbrand option to enable your new partners to use your iBrochure as they see fit. Share the link in an email or LinkedIn DM.

Contact for more help.

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