You want to provide travellers with as much info on your property/product and location as possible, including all activities and experiences available to visitors Рas a travel supplier, they will view you as the portal to a destination. And they want all relevant content in 1 place. Building a Digital Catalogue of your property and/or activity iBrochures, themed according to the experience(s) you wish to promote, helps you manage how you market your content.

Follow this guide to get you started.

Play around with your imagery by arranging the order of appearance to suit your theme. Your content can’t remain static – as traveller interest varies or changes, the way your content is presented and marketed must keep up with trends and demands. You may choose to rearrange images after some time to promote a different angle – all updates will be instantly visible to viewers of your Digital Catalogue.Give us a shout on if you need help.

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