What to do when you’re open for business but the cost of spreading the word makes your eyes water?

Here’s the good news: you can already market your product far and wide through Wetu without having to spend more or dedicate more resources!. Time to optimise your tools and distribution platforms for maximum reach.

Spread the word effectively

The way it looks and represents your brand matters, but there’s more to your content than window dressing. Leverage what you’ve put into Wetu to get out more:


Update your content regularly

To be market-ready, a product needs up-to-date content. Even if your offering has barely changed, your content can always use a refresh – change is as good as a holiday!


Connect the trade with your content

Since your product already features in Wetu, notify your tour operator, travel agent and DMC partners how to find and use your content in their own campaigns.

  • They can locate your product in Content Central and in their Itinerary Builder tool.
  • They can rebrand your iBrochure and add it to digital catalogues for further reach.
  • Use your WetuShare functionality to update them directly on changes to your offering.


Distribute in multiple online channels

Your iBrochure is made for sharing! Add the URL link to email signatures or in the body of marketing mailers and newsletters. WhatsApp it to your clients and treat them to a smart mobile-responsive layout of your iBrochure. Post it on social media, pop it into a blog article, or embed the content onto your website. Here’s how:


Keen to promote your product more effectively? Contact suppliers@wetu.com for some best practice tool tips. 

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