How to do all the work of selling travel with fewer tools and hands on deck? Efficiency!

It’s been a tough time of cutting costs on everything from staff to tools and systems. Yet there remains a ton of work to do… If you’ve been feeling like you’re just not getting to everything, we have a way to help you solve the problems of efficient content management, tour creation and distribution.

There’s no time for longwinded processes and time-consuming operations. To complete for new business, you need ease, speed and simplicity. In Wetu, you can accomplish more with less.


Manage travel content easily

Wetu sources and curates content from global destinations and hospitality suppliers in one convenient location. You get:

  • easy access to imagery, descriptions and product info
  • machine translations to sell to multilingual markets
  • instant updates on any content changes


Produce sales collateral fast

Build beautiful itineraries in multiple languages and create an inventory you can copy, share and repurpose with speed. The video below proves it!


Distribute content instantly

Get your digital itineraries and catalogues around without any heavy lifting:

  • share hyperlinks via your social media platforms, newsletters and email signatures
  • embed itineraries on your website using the Wetu API
  • provide agents with access to your itineraries and re-branding options


Want to pitch for new business and/or sell new products to new markets? Don’t let diminished resources hamstring you. Register for your free trial and build a digital itinerary now. Then keep calm and carry on selling travel!

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