Here’s a helpful tip!

For trade customers who need reassurance that you remain ready and able to service them with your expertise and great content, here’s how to continue supporting them and keeping them in the loop: give them Agent Access to your itineraries. If you’re on the Digital Enterprise package, you can share your itineraries with a special link that enables them to make some basic, personalised changes.

Start by copying an existing itinerary that you know suits their target market. Under Additional Details in your Itinerary Builder, locate the Agent Access field, copy that link, and send it to your agent/operator partner. Some of the changes they can make include: itinerary and client names, language setting, trip summary, documentation, pricing and special interests, among others. This help doc explains further. Now you can reach out and empower your loyal business partners (even the ones without Wetu accounts) with fabulous collateral they didn’t have to create, jam-packed with the best product and destination knowledge you have to offer.

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