Even the best content showcasing your product means nothing if nobody sees it.

Gone are the days of paper-based distribution and USB sticks with outdated information. Now it’s easy for travellers and trade partners to find, consume and share your latest product content online.

In travel, Content might be King, but it must still be seen for you to get the sale.

Distribution is Queen

Effective distribution is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Here’s how and why:

Step 1

Book a demo with Wetu to learn how to make your product content searchable, accessible, updated and gorgeous, in digital format.

Why? Our system and tools can help you connect your content with hundreds of thousands of trade partners, stand out from the noise, and compete better for new business.

Step 2

See if your product is listed in our content portal – if it isn’t, it should be; plus, it’s super easy!

Why? The global trade is searching for new products there. If you’re happy with the content representing your product, tell your trade partners where to find it. If it needs improvement or your product has changed, then proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Upload and store your latest content in Wetu. Add enough to earn a 65% rating or more, and unlock your own iBrochure.

Why? Tour operators, DMCs and travel agents using Wetu to build digital itineraries are more likely to choose a new product with the best available content over products in the same destination with basic, outdated (or absent) content.

Step 4

Share links to your collateral everywhere, trusting it to display your content accurately and consistently.

Why? Any changes you make automatically updates your content wherever you’ve shared your iBrochure or Digital Catalogue links. No more old content floating around, misrepresenting your brand… Watch this:

Would you pitch to a party in your PJs? Time to dress up your product in digital content for easier distribution and access. Choose the right plan for your business and start now.

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