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The better your distribution, the more you sell

10 November 2021 0

Even the best content showcasing your product means nothing if nobody sees it. Gone are the days of paper-based distribution and USB sticks with outdated…

Manage your content and rule

28 January 2020 0

Here’s a helpful tip! You’ve done well to load your content and work towards a 100% rating. Now check what it looks like from the…

Building business intelligence in your Consultant Portal

1 November 2019 0

There’s no short-cut to years of industry experience – amassing trade expertise, product and destination knowledge.. Or is there? That wealth of intelligence should be…

Release Notes

22 October 2019 0

Your content, your rates, the lifeblood of your business flows right through the heart of the Wetu machine.💚Our Dev Team has updated the way each…

6 Ways to get your content everywhere

20 September 2018 0

In the business of travel, it’s content that makes the sale: beautiful, hi-res images, videos, virtual tours, and concise descriptions that attract and retain attention,…

How to add new supplier products to the system

19 June 2018 0

The more of your preferred supplier products we have loaded in our system, the better for you – the quality of your proposals, your efficiency…

What Wetu is doing in Australia (for you)

9 March 2018 0

As destinations go, the charm of Down Under isn’t hard to sell – its traditional favourites know it, as do the locals who do a…

TOP 4 Business Benefits of a Content Central listing

21 February 2018 0

You are preferred supplier to some, super sub to others. It’s the dance you do with the travel trade in your bid to become first…

What Wetu’s doing in Latin America (for you)

20 November 2017 0

One sexy continent, a million sights to see, a lifetime of memorable experiences. Whatever they desire, there’s a destination to suit every traveller’s needs. History,…

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