In the business of travel, it’s content that makes the sale: beautiful, hi-res images, videos, virtual tours, and concise descriptions that attract and retain attention, with detail that informs decisions. Next stop: global exposure! Here’s how to get your content around the world in 6 ways.

1. iBrochure🔗

  • digital representation of your product/s accessible on a single link
  • add it anywhere online, to social media, in emails or to your signature, booking form, to articles or footers on your blog or newsletter; even print it on your business cards
  • send tab links to feature your image gallery, videos, virtual tours, activities, specials
  • offer agents/trade partners the option to re- or co-brand and share it further

2. Digital Catalogue🎨

  • multiple products featured in separate iBrochures, hosted on a single link
  • quickest, simplest way to expose all your content to a global audience
  • quickest, simplest way to tell a range of content stories for targeted marketing
  • offer agents/trade partners the option to re- or co-brand to share it further

3. Facebook App🏝

  • your content featured where global audiences increasingly seek travel inspiration
  • expose your product content to social sharing, engagement and likes
  • market your iBrochure via your Facebook page with option to book directly
  • market your Digital Catalogue via Facebook with option to book directly

4. Content Central⚓

  • places your content within easy reach of +230,000 trade visitors monthly
  • tour operators/DMCs/travel agents worldwide access your content for free
  • connect your brand with trade partners looking for new products to sell
  • digital one-stop-shop for the trade to download your product images

5. Widget/API🛌

  • your content embedded on a web- or 3rd party site
  • market your brand consistently across multiple sites
  • simple code pulls accommodation, activity, restaurant, room and features content anywhere you want it displayed
  • agents/re-sellers can embed your content on their sites to take your brand further

6. Itineraries💻

  • your content used by tour operators, DMCs and travel agents building itineraries in Wetu
  • products can be easily found inside their Itinerary Builder and added to proposals
  • personal itineraries go wherever clients are based and wherever clients share them
  • sample itineraries go onto websites, Digital Catalogues and social media, 24/7

Take your product content places, faster than printed brochures can even dream of. Updates are automatic wherever it displays – no outdated info taking up storage space in trade partners’ computers or sheets of paper clogging up their files.

Content is king, but distribution is queen & she wears the pants.

Jonathan Perelman

In Wetu terms, it means no sales opportunity goes to waste because your content was nowhere to be seen. Need help? Consult this doc.

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