There’s no short-cut to years of industry experience – amassing trade expertise, product and destination knowledge.. Or is there? That wealth of intelligence should be optimised for your entire team to unlock new possibilities for your business. Build that business intelligence with organised info to improve efficient access to relevant content in the Consultant Portal (CP).

Collate and Manage Put everyone in your team on the same page with quick access to the same, correct info. Here’s a checklist to organise the supplier products in your destinations of choice through a set of classifications and internal notes.📋


  • accommodation, restaurant and activity products
  • set up an internal rating structure with corresponding badges and create Flags, Tags and Experiences to provide consultants with accurate insight into the products you sell
  • this is info you consider pertinent to building itineraries: Is this activity in a malaria zone? Is this accommodation closed for part of the year? Is this restaurant kid friendly?
  • tag products to indicate the type of trip it would suit – for honeymooners or families?
  • add Experiences that match with special interests and activities in-destination


  • access your Supplier tab in Admin where all the products previously used in itineraries within your account are listed – click the Tags link
  • assign badges to inform consultants instantly how best to sell those products
  • indicate your preferred supplier products – they’ll be marked with a green star in the CP
  • select Flags, Tags and Experiences as appropriate, and insert commission rates
  • add notes from site inspections, fam trips or educationals: the best rooms; facilities suitable for certain traveller types; the best guides; recommended excursions; food experiences; service rating; disability rating; BAR pricing, etc.


  • new or missing suppliers to your list of favourites in Admin: Quick Add a product from the Wetu database and assign the relevant classifications
  • quit selling a product for whatever reason? Simply click the Remove link!
  • see a red Content Rating? That content probably won’t look that great in your itineraries; so contact the supplier immediately and get them to improve their content ASAP
  • click on the Documents link to load any supplier docs like Fact Sheets and Rates
  • add your own company Ts & Cs, booking forms, client info on the Documentation tab in Admin – to be public-, consultant- or agent-facing

Share and Access For a team of travel professionals to thrive, they must generate quality proposals that accurately represent their brand; and do it faster to sell more. Here’s how to sell well-informed, personalised proposals consistently and confidently.🏅


  • your list of accommodation products for the one(s) you need – sort by name, destination, country, type, rating, nearby airports
  • quickly access info on room number, minimum child age, content rating, commission, link to iBrochure (if the supplier has one), docs, specials; a content overview with detailed contact info (including GDS codes and booking URL) as loaded by the supplier
  • product filtering criteria include: Facilities; Friendly; Guidance
  • activity products are listed in Fields including languages, group size, opening hours
  • filtering criteria include: Facilities, Special Interests, Suitable For; Weather
  • restaurant products are listed in Fields including category and seating number
  • filtering criteria include: Facilities; Ambience; Cuisine


  • the info collated in the Consultant Portal by accessing it from your Dashboard or directly from your Itinerary Builder
  • browse the CP to get an idea of what you’d like to use to put a proposal together – select iBrochures to re-brand and send to a client or pop into a Digital Catalogue
  • inside the Itinerary Builder, select the products you want for your personalised client itinerary and add any relevant documentation straight onto it.

Get your content and travel info organised and simplified, to assist everyone in your team to build quality proposals consistently. It’s as easy as 🥧

In Wetu terms, it empowers you with a little BI that increases enquiry turnaround time and output volume. Got doubts? Read this right now.

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