You are preferred supplier to some, super sub to others. It’s the dance you do with the travel trade in your bid to become first choice. Content Central is your shortcut – your sexy 4-step salsa into the minds and sales of tour operators, DMCs, travel agents, and other re-sellers worldwide. Work it to your business benefit!💃🏿

Visibility Your brand must be known and your content seen for your products to be sold. Make your content visible where it counts and get your business a share of >400,000 monthly visitors from across the globe. Simply being there, with your freshest, best quality multimedia imagery already puts your brand in a strong position to be considered and used.

Access Operators/DMCs/Agents in planning or presentation stages will use the choicest travel content available at their fingertips for their client itineraries, digital catalogues and inspiration boards. Make your content accessible to them in a format and location that’s easy to find and incorporate into their sales/marketing collateral.

Connect Networking is the start of many new business partnerships. Your content tells the story of your brand – put it on a digital platform used by the global trade and you gain international exposure without leaving the office. Trade members that sell your destination can get to know your brand wherever they’re based and consider it for future sales.

Ubiquitous Digital tools have the power to take your content beyond what you do to promote your brand. Trade partners using the content portal can repurpose your content, re-brand and distribute it further, get it into far more sales, and expose it to markets you haven’t even considered. It can find its way onto more websites & shared on social media, everywhere.

Thinking you can’t be everywhere, so close your eyes and hope for the best?🚦Stop. You can be everywhere, digitally, in fabulous quality, all the time. Consistently. And you can make that move with less time and effort than you imagine..

If you want to create new markets, or disrupt old ones, you create ubiquitous infrastructure.

David ‘Doc’ Searls

In Wetu terms, it means you making a few smart moves in one digital spot to boost your business with multiple returns on your content investment. Need some help? Consult this doc.

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