In a recent Twitter poll, we posed the question: Why do you go to travel trade shows? The options were:

  1. to distribute catalogues (of course you know you can distribute your content faster, simply on 1 link like this)
  2. to learn/share expertise (and then you store & manage your preferred supplier content easily in your Consultant Portal)
  3. my boss makes me go (LOL make it worth your while – go meet Team Wetu at the next trade show!)

So far, 100% of respondents have said they go to the shows to learn and share expertise. We’re all about learning and developing; so Wetu has descended on 4 trade shows on 3 continents within 2 weeks. And 1 more coming up! Phew😅

WTM London 4-6 November Wetu will be exhibiting again this year at Stand TT120. Joining CEO Paul are Tiaan, Kent, Sascha, Busi and Fran from Team Wetu. They’ll be sharing news about Business Intelligence and productivity, Machine Translations and market expansion, the ever-growing importance of stellar Content (and how we simplify it for you), systems Integrations, iBrochure and more. We’d love to see you there – contact for an appointment.

FIT America Latina 5-8 October Team Wetu LAM is exhibiting at Stand FIT TECH 5027, in Buenos Aires. ¿Estás ahí? You can contact if you didn’t get to see him, Leo or Juliana. Fran delivered a presentation on the subject of improved conversions through content – check it out here (si conoces castellano).

The Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2-4 October Team Wetu exhibited once again with Luvuko, Busi and Tiaan flying the flag in Nairobi. They were kept busy as bees, tell-tale sign of a healthy African trade🦒

IFTM Top Resa 1-4 October Customer Relationship Manager Sascha attended the show in Paris to spread l’amour Wetu..💖Interest in travel content solutions is gaining momentum in Europe, which is why Wetu made the French papers.

Zanzibar Tourism Show 26-28 September CEO Paul and Supplier BDM Luvuko took an attitude of hakuna matata with them as they braved the tropical paradise of Zanzibar. Utalii Kwa Wote was the order of business – tourism for all!

See you at the trade shows!🤝🏻

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