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You want the information garnered from years of trade experience, product training, site inspections and educationals, to serve your entire team, not just an expert few. In the business of selling travel, speed is your secret weapon – use the Consultant Portal to provide quick access to vital info for all consultants in your team. Assign administrative function to someone in your company to tag and categorise your preferred services – here’s how to manage your internal classifications. This foundation of business intelligence empowers everyone in your company with the resource they need to create personalised itineraries more efficiently.πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨

Access your Consultant Portal via the Dashboard. The first tab lists all your preferred Accommodation products: by name; destination; country; type; according to your internal rating system; closest airport; and number of rooms. Other details that will display include child ages, content rating, commission rate, iBrochure link, docs, content preview, and contacts. The Consultant Portal can also be accessed in the Itinerary Builder Accommodation Step.πŸ›

Check out this guideΒ or contact for help.

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