Drum roll please..🥁 The suspense is murderous, so let’s get straight to the happy part.

Congratulations to Lucie Trottier from Namibian Essence Safaris!!

To everyone who participated in the competition, your enthusiasm and the cool variety of itineraries submitted blew our minds! Thanks too for the wonderful reviews and social media shares. We hope you had as much fun with this competition as we did.. till the next one!😉Lucky Lucy has won for herself and a partner, a full expenses-paid trip of her own design. To view her dream trip, click on the pic below.👇 #jealous #whynotme

A warm Wetu thank you to all our supplier partners who’ve collaborated with us to make this amazing prize possible, in particular, the properties selected by our winner. When your content is in-depth, detailed and looks that beautiful, it makes itinerary building an absolute pleasure. This is what our work should be about: dreaming up special experiences and then presenting it to the world to enjoy. No blood, sweat or tears involved, just pure expertise, destination knowledge and inspiring travel content, user-friendly tools.🎊

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