Here’s a helpful tip!

With fam trips on hold around the world, it’s more helpful than ever to give your trade partners and future guests a taste of your offering so they can ‘try’ before they buy. But do your Virtual Tours display correctly? Once they are ready to be uploaded, ensure that you use the correct link to display the Virtual Tours in your iBrochure and add some snazzy covers to tell them apart from each other.🖼

For starters, you want to add as many Virtual Tours of your premises and facilities to your content as you can, to bring them as close to an in-person experience as possible. Take care to select and insert the correct link on your Update Form – use the ‘shared’ link, not the entire embed link. Follow these steps. If you add several Virtual Tours to the same iBrochure, you can use individual cover images to differentiate among them – here’s how.

Contact if you need help making virtual tours a reality on your iBrochure.🎬

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