Here’s a helpful tip!

When a prospective client has specific travel dates in mind, ensuring the accommodation included in your proposal is, in fact, available for those dates, might help you secure their business faster. A live availability check at the quoting stage would speed things up! Wetu currently offers integrations with accommodation booking systems used by our suppliers to update their room inventory online.🕸

Add dates to the client’s Personal Itinerary before proceeding to Itinerary Builder Stage 2. To the far right of each accommodation selection, a green tick icon will indicate availability for those dates – hover your cursor over it for a breakdown of specific rooms still available. A red cross icon will indicate no rooms are available at that property for those dates. Here’s how it works. Now you can immediately move on to alternative accommodation options to complete the itinerary, and get back to the client with a firm offer without leaving the Itinerary Builder. Very accommodating, huh? Remember to confirm any bookings directly with the supplier.

Got questions? Contact for answers.🐙

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