Here’s a helpful tip!

That’s what your future clients need while they travel. Save them from scrolling endlessly on their mobile phones, searching for the relevant transport information of the day. You can use the new Transport section on the TravelKey App to give them all the transport details for their entire trip in date order on one page.🚆

Start in your Itinerary Builder by adding the modes of transport and associated info for the trip in the Route Builder, and save. The itinerary must have a date range, in order for a mobile code to be generated. Once generated, navigate to the App and view the TravelKey Menu – you will see the new Transport menu option, available on both Android and iOS devices, visible on the Routing Transport Page or Travel Arrangements Transport Page. All transport information will be listed in date order for easy reference. Your client can click on individual items to view further detail.

Contact if you need more help.📳

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