Wetu’s new TravelKey App is live – Your enhanced digital experience awaits!

18 January 2023

The TravelKey app gives you instant access to your beautifully curated and interactive travel itinerary. Its user-friendly interface showcases all your travel information, maps and…

traveller with smartphone

Turn your tech-savvy target market into customers

24 January 2022 0

The key to attracting modern travellers is a customer-first, tech-forward approach. Emerging travel markets expect superior service, more visual content and all the info! Your…

Easy access to transport info on TravelKey

16 November 2020 0

Here’s a helpful tip! That’s what your future clients need while they travel. Save them from scrolling endlessly on their mobile phones, searching for the…

The New TravelKey Transport Page

10 November 2020

The Wetu TravelKey App has been updated in the way it displays transport information. We’ve created a new page on the app with all modes…

Release Notes

24 April 2020 0

While we’re all working from home, it helps to celebrate some quick wins and share the fruits of our lockdown productivity.👩🏻‍🌾Our Product & Tech Team…

This year’s Top 5 Wins for Travellers

1 December 2019 0

At the end of a bustling year, join us in celebrating the new travel culture of content as a service – ’tis the season to…

How to service your clients in their own languages

25 April 2019

From viewing their itinerary for the first time, right through any quick changes they ask you to make, to the travel stage, you can provide…

Keep tech-savvy clients on track with TravelKey

11 July 2017 0

Your tech savvy clients don’t want to cart a pile of paper docs, maps and vouchers around during travel. Give them TravelKey, the itinerary app…

laptop on coffee table

Hook up your travel business with technology

10 November 2016 0

Your target customers have evolved – they’re no longer just accepting what travel brands give them. Instead, they’re the ones dictating your product development, marketing…

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