Sell those special events in your destination

31 July 2018 0

Did you know that Specials have their own special spot on your iBrochure? Any member of the general travelling public who finds your iBrochure link…

Meet & Greet your client in their language

31 July 2018 0

You want to give your clients their Meet & Greet details in an itinerary customised to match their language needs. With your default content translated…

Give your product the content rating it deserves 3

24 July 2018 0

Get your content rating popping and make the most of the new rating system!🍿Operators looking for suppliers in your area get a better view of…

Take control of your itinerary language selections

17 July 2018 0

Pitching your tours and experiences to different (or as many as possible) language-speaking groups is easier than you think; and it won’t slow you down.🐢…

Getting the most out of your new Supplier content rating 2

10 July 2018 0

The higher your content rating, the more favourable your products are to operators looking for suppliers in your area. Represent your brand with the right…

Managing languages better for your proposals

10 July 2018 0

As we encourage your growth in global markets and we expand our own presence, we can all look forward to more additions to our list…

Get ready to optimise your new Supplier content rating 1

26 June 2018 0

The new Supplier Content Rating system enables you to represent your brand more accurately according to the category we’ve identified you to fit into, as…

Customising your preferred supplier content

26 June 2018 0

You want to use your preferred suppliers for your client itineraries but some of their content doesn’t quite sell the experience you’re trying to depict….

Boost your sales with some Solo Specials

19 June 2018 0

Operators and Travel Agents may be looking for something valuable to add to their solo client proposals – that’s another huge trend gaining momentum this…