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An inspiring trip is sold on expertise, destination and product knowledge, and gorgeous content. But it doesn’t have to be a one-hit-wonder. Through the powerful partnership between Wetu and Umapped, you can share your work with thousands of advisors from travel consortia and agencies worldwide, and generate additional revenue from it. How? Distribute your itineraries to the Umapped platform (for free) for other operators and agents to access, view and sell your tour products to their clients.🤑

The seamless Wetu-Umapped integration enables you to build an itinerary in Wetu and share it to your Umapped account in one smooth, time-saving process. The booking has a reference, which you then give to other Umapped users to import the itinerary into their accounts. They can sell it as is or merge it into a larger itinerary. The platform also enables collaboration on an itinerary with other users as well as non-Umapped users, creating even more sales opportunities. The integration does all the work of sharing your itinerary, and your itinerary does all the work of selling your products. To set up your Umapped account, send your Wetu Operator ID to

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