Here’s a helpful tip!

You can express a lot of love for your loyal customers by asking them to share their most memorable experiences of your property, restaurant or activity. Ask them for photos and videos they took during a previous visit, and permission to add this UGC (user-generated content) to your Wetu profile. It’s a little bit of effort on your part for a lot of social capital that will enhance your primary digital marketing tool, and keep your brand front of mind for when they’re ready to plan their next trip.🎱

Reach out to past and current guests: give them the correct dimensions and formats for pictures and videos you require – the details are all in here. Upload the best, most tasteful selection to your Update Form, credit the photographers, and once it’s all saved to your content, send them your iBrochure link to keep as a digital memento of their experiences, or to share with family and friends. They will appreciate the individual attention and your efforts to connect with them on a personal level.

Need help connecting the dots? Ask for a hand.🤗

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